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27-B2 Greenville WisconsinGreenville Lions

Frequently Asked Questions

AED- Do you have an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) onsite?

Yes.  There is an AED device located in the main barn.  Click here for more information about AED's.

Wrist Bands- Is there a charge for wrist bands?

Friday - Community Night they are free

Saturday - Concert Night they are free

We issue wrist bands to our guests who are at least twenty one years of age.  They are available by the main gates.  Current State ID, Driver's License, or other acceptable proof of age required.  Guests of legal age who wish to purchase alcoholic beverages during our event must wear a wrist band.

ATM- Is there an ATM at the event?

ATM's are located in the main barn and at each beverage bar.  Credit cards and checks are not accepted for food and beverage.

Beverages- What beverages are available at the event?

We carry a variety of Anheuser-Busch products, soda and water. They are sold using a ticket system.  Tickets are available a various booths around the concert.  Beverage carry-ins are not allowed.  Removal of alcoholic beverages from the concert is not permitted.

Bicycles, Skateboards & Roller Blades- Can I bring my bicycle/skateboard/roller blades into the concert?

No.  Bicycles, skateboards and roller blades are not permitted at the concert

Busses- Can we bring a bus to your event? Where do we park it?

Yes. We love busses and don't charge for bus parking.  The bus entrance is off Route 96/Wisconsin Ave just south of the park and parking is easy in/out just to the east of the concert area.  Shuttles and taxis please use the bus entrance for drop off/pick up.

Cameras- Can I bring a camera and take photographs of the concert?

Cameras and recording devices of any kind are strictly prohibited.  This is a policy set by the artists.  Violators may be removed from the concert.

Camping- Is there camping available?

Onsite Camping is not available at the park. There are several Hotels within a few miles of the park.  Check with the Fox Cities Convention and Visitors Bureau or check our Sponsor Links Page for more information.

Catfish Concert- What is a Catfish Concert?

Singing Fish.jpgOur Catfish Concert is the themed name for the second night of our Catfish Extravaganza.  We feature top national acts in an outdoor amphitheater.  Tickets go on sale early April.  We tried to teach the fish to sing, but they couldn't carry a tuna.

Catfish Extravaganza- What is the Catfish Extravaganza?

In 1988, several of our Greenville Lions took a trip to Mississippi to attend their Greenville Lion fundraiser "Catfish Races".  They brought the idea back home to Greenville Wisconsin where it has grown and evolved with our community into the two-day event it is today. Friday night- Catfish Races/ Community Night; Saturday- Catfish Concert featuring top national acts.

Catfish Races- What are Catfish Races?

We place a catfish in each of our eight long glass fish tanks.  When the race announcer counts down to zero, catfish swim from one end of their tank to the other.  The catfish that swims from start to finish first is the winner!  Local businesses, Lions and Lioness members can sponsor a catfish.  We run heats, quarterfinals, semifinals and then declare a champion catfish and sponsor.  It's fun for the whole family guessing which catfish will "WIN IT ALL"!

Chairs- Are Chairs allowed to be carried in?

Yes!  Folding chairs without a canopy will be allowed, but will be restricted to a designated area. Pre-placement is prohibited. Chairs will not be allowed in the area in front of the stage.  Blankets are allowed.  We ask that you respect others' concert experience by arranging your chairs to minimize viewing obstruction.

Charity- Is this a charity event?

Yes.  Proceeds from the concert are used to support non-profit Project Vision and many Community Service initiatives.  If you are interested in making a donation to support our efforts Contact Us.  Greenville Lions appreciate your support.

Checks- Do you accept personal checks?

No.  Both Catfish Races/Community Night and Catfish Concert are cash only.

Community Night- What is Community Night?

Community Night is the first night of our Catfish Extravaganza.  There is no admission fee or cover charge.  We invite everyone from Greenville and surrounding communities to join us for free children's games, rides and attractions, business displays and demonstrations, ping pong ball prize drop, musical entertainment, fireworks and more!

Coolers- Are Coolers allowed to be carried in?

Large carry-in coolers are not allowed. Empty collapsible coolers are acceptable.

Credit Cards- Do you accept credit cards?

No.  Both Catfish Races/Community Night and Catfish Concert are cash only.  ATM's are located in the main barn and at each beverage bar.

Currency- What types of currency do you accept?

We only accept cash in the form of United States Dollars ($).

Dress Code- is there a dress code for the concert?

There is no dress code for the concert.  It is an outdoor venue and is 'rain or shine' so we encourage you to dress appropriately for weather conditions.  Appropriate footwear and shirts are required.

Email List - Where can I sign up to receive concert news emails?

You can join our Catfish Concert Crew by clicking "Join The Crew" below. (For Greenville Lions events only. We will not share, sell, or distribute your information. Set pop-up blocker to allow pop-ups.)

Parking- Do I have to pay for parking?  When can get into the parking lot?

There is no charge for bus parking. We do charge a nominal fee for parking your car or RV.      Cars are $20.00 and RV's $30.00 each.  We reserve the right to change parking rates without notice.  Parking is available 60-90 minutes before the concert gates open.

Pets- Can I bring my pet to the event?

No.  Pets are not allowed in Greenville Lions Park.

Photos- Can I take pictures or movies at the concert?  Can I record any of the concert?

Unauthorized photos and recordings of the concert are prohibited.

Police/Security- Do you have police or security onsite?

Yes.  We have police and security personnel available at the concert.  We reserve the right to inspect all carry-ins for compliance to our event policies.

Preferred Seating- Is there preferred seating available?

No.  There is no preferred seating this year.  All seating is general admission.

Recycling- Do you have recycling bins or receptacles?

Yes.  The Greenville Lions would like you to help us to reduce the amount of trash that go into our landfills.  Recycle receptacles are located throughout the concert.  Please help us to keep Greenville Lions Park green.

Restrooms- Where are your restrooms?

Restrooms are located inside the main barn and at our east pavilion.  We also have many porta-lets/porta-potties around the event.  We do not have any restroom facilities outside of the concert area or in the parking lot.

Shuttle service- Is there Shuttle service to the park?

There is no scheduled shuttle service to the park.  Area Restaurants, Bars and Hotels may offer shuttle service.

Solicitors- Can I promote my business or interests at the concert?

Unauthorized solicitation is prohibited.  If you are interested in becoming a concert vendor contact us.

Sponsors- Interested in becoming an event sponsor?

Contact us with sponsor questions.

Tickets- Where can I purchase concert tickets? Who needs to have a ticket?

General Admission tickets are available beginning early April - See our concert page for details. Credit Card sales are through Ticket Star, Ticket Star Outlets, Fox Convenience Stores, and Festival Foods. Cash or Check Sales through any Greenville Lions member.  Day of Show tickets will be sold only if available.  Event is Rain or Shine, No refunds, No Carry-ins, No Re-Entry.  Non-canopy folding chairs will be allowed in designated section only. Pre-placement of chairs is prohibited.

This is an all ages show.  General admission ticket is required for all ages.  Yes, even those under the age of 10.

Umbrella- Are Umbrellas allowed into the park?

Umbrellas are not allowed into the park because of view concerns. Ponchos or other rain gear are acceptable.

VIP Seating/Packages- Are there VIP seats or VIP concert packages available?

The Greenville Lions do not coordinate VIP sessions or packages.  Contact the Band Fan Club for "VIP" information.

Volunteers- Do you accept any individual volunteer help?

No. Volunteers are coordinated with area groups and organizations.

Vendors- Are outside vendors allowed at the event?

Outside vendors must be approved prior to the event; contact us with any vendor request.

'Other Catfish Concert Rules'

The following are NOT permitted at the concert:

Pets, except personal assistance dogs
Laser pointers (violators will be removed and prosecuted)
Unauthorized soliciting
Weapons of any kind
Climbing on any scaffold towers, stages, fences or structures
Defacing property at Greenville Lions Park (violators will be prosecuted)
Unauthorized audio/video recording

Email us with any other questions.  Greenville Lions appreciate your support.

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