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27-B2 Greenville WisconsinGreenville Lions

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PLEASE NOTE: Due to the road construction at Hwy 76 and School Road, there is NO access to the park from the North on Hwy 76.  ALL traffic will enter from Wisconsin Ave (Hwy 96).  Temporary lanes will be marked with traffic cones for both entry and exit to the park.  PLEASE STAY IN YOUR LANE once you enter the traffic control area.

Hwy 76 access to/from Alana Ln, Glennview Dr, and Design Dr will be barricaded closed.  Access to residents of those subdivisions will only be from Glennview Dr and Hwy 96.

At the end of the night traffic will be manually directed by fire and law enforcement personnel.  In order to empty the park in a controlled manner with minimal delay, the lane of travel you exit into may not allow you to turn in the direction you wish at the intersection of Hwy 76 and 96.  You may need to take a slightly longer route to detour around to the direction you need to go. 

DO NOT make a U-turn on the highways. 
DO NOT stop on the highways (on shoulder or lane of travel) to wait/pick-up attendees).

The 2024 Catfish Extravaganza weekend, hosted by the Greenville, WI Lions Club, kicks off in just a little over 48 hours!
For information on the event, please visit:

Here's what you need to know for traffic to and from the park on Saturday, July 13th!

PARKING ONLY ~ All general admission parking for cars, motorcycles, and handicap parking will enter from the North Entrance.  This is ENTRANCE ONLY.  Please use both lanes as you enter the park.  To facilitate faster parking and alleviant congestion on Hwy 76, all lanes are inbound-only.  There is no way to exit until the concert ends if you enter this entrance.
Motorcycles $10
Cars $20
RV’s $30

EZ-IN/ EZ-OUT drop-off and pick-up's ~ All Drop-off/Pick-up traffic MUST enter from Wisconsin Ave to the Cleary Court Entrance.  This includes anyone as well as Shuttles, Busses, Taxi, Uber/Lyft.  You will meet your ride at the end of the evening at the South Gate (same location you should have been dropped off at).

RV's and Shuttle Busses (Shuttle busses park FREE) that will be parking onsite will also use this entrance.

The South park entrance will be EXIT ONLY for the duration of the event.

All pick-up/drop-off traffic will continue to use the Cleary Court Entrance from Wisconsin Ave.  BOTH North and South park entrances on Municipal Dr (Hwy 76) will be EXIT ONLY. 

All traffic from the North exit will be directed South to Wisconsin Ave (Hwy 96). 
All Traffic exiting the South Exit will be directed South to Wisconsin Ave (Hwy 96). 

For pedestrian safety you will no longer be able to pick-up people from the Citgo parking lot at the conclusion of the concert.  Stopping/Standing along Hwy 76 and/or Hwy 96 will not be permitted.  Please use the provided EZ-IN / EZ-OUT pick-up route from Wisconsin Ave to Cleary Court.

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